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Athabascan Woman Blog: Dear Koyukuk River

I grew up on the Koyukuk River in Huslia and Bettles/Evansville. I have lots of memories of being in fish camp in the summer and taking rides in the fall. In November, Che Wilson (Māori) spoke at the Tribal Governance Symposium in Fairbanks. He described the river near his homelands and said, “I am the river, and the river is me.” Since then, I’ve been thinking about what the Koyukuk River means to me.

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The Alaska Master Gardener Blog November 30, 2017

The Alaska Master Gardener Blog

The Alaska Master Gardener Blog is a way for Alaska Master Gardeners to volunteer by sharing their knowledge and expertise in Alaskan Gardening. They are volunteers for Alaska Cooperative Extension Service. Heidi Rader edits the site and teaches the Alaska Master Gardener Online Course. Some of the posts are Lesson Plans correlated with GLE standards while others are general blogposts.
To find out more about the program, visit the Alaska Master Gardener Program website.

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