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Athabascan Woman Blog: Learning Fur and Skin Sewing

My friend and relative, Sonia Vent, shared about her experience of sewing a ruff made out of rabbit and marten fur. The ruff is for her granddaughter’s parka. A ruff keeps people’s face warm when they have it on a hood. Sonia is Koyukon Athabascan and is from Huslia. Her parents are Freddie and Lorna Vent of Huslia.

Sonia’s experience of sewing a ruff reminded me of my journey for beading and sewing slippers/moccasins for the past year. Taking up a cultural practice can be a spiritual experience. That little knowledge we have is powerful enough to connect us to our culture. I have found beading and sewing to be healing. Learning and practicing our culture is important. She graciously agreed to share her experience. Here it is below.

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Cinthia Ritchie: Hazy shades of winter

Cinthia Ritchie: Hazy shades of winter

Hazy shades of winter

I keep singing that song by Simon & Garfunkel (and later, redone by the Bangles, the version I prefer), A Hazy Shade of Winter.

Most likely this is because we got a couple of more inches of snow this morning. And yes, it is beautiful, everything coated and soft. When evening comes (and it comes at around 4 p.m. now, and we’re still losing over five minutes a day), everything turns a lovely blue before darkness settles in.

And settles in. And settles in. We’re down to seven hours of daylight and trust me, the darkness can wear on you. It can press down on your shoulders and make you feel a little bit crazy.