Domestic Violence Anchorage


Abused Women Aid in Crisis AWAIC
24 hr Crisis Line: 907-272-0100
100 W. 13th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99501
907-279-7244 Fax

Alaska dating and domestic violence prevention: Its Not Cool


Domestic Violence Advocate: 24/7 907-551-2034
Sexual Assault Advocate: 24/7 907-551-SARC

Women’s Shelter – Will provide transportation if needed.
Call for counseling: groups/classes/services available

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) 907-264-1408

STAR (Standing Together Against Rape)
Crisis Line: 1-800-478-8999

Information and counseling for sexual assault victims.

Megans Law
Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center (PFML/CVC) provides national Helpline community support and assistance on issues related to Megan’s Law, sex offender management and sexual assault prevention.

We are a New York State Certified Rape Crisis Center and are funded by the U.S. Justice Department to staff the National Megan’s Law Helpline to support the community when sex offender notifications are implemented and to provide appropriate law enforcement referrals when registrants are failing to comply with registration requirements or are in positions of trust which may pose a risk to public safety.
You can contact PFML/CVC trained staff who are available to support you and your community at:
1 (888) 275-7365.

We would also request that you link to our website ( to provide your community with up-to-date information regarding sex offender registration and notification laws and links to sex offender registries nationwide.

1057 West Fireweed Lane – Suite 101
Anchorage, AK 99503



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