Alaska News September 30, 2018

By Chris Klint: 1 rescued, 3 missing in Southeast Alaska helicopter crash
By Sean Maguire: Coast guard rescues 1 survivor from helicopter crash, searching for 3 more
By Chris Klint: 5 rescued from sinking boat off Tununak
“Because the family of these folks had VHF radios, and because they had a radio aboard as well, we were better able to locate them and understand their situation,” Lt. Casey Corpe, the C-130’s co-pilot, said in the statement. “Though they did not have a life jacket for every person on the boat, I’m sure that next time they go out they will. Alaskan water temperatures are unforgiving. If something goes wrong on the water, a life jacket often means the difference between life and death.”
By Associated Press: Alaska woman yells out in court, disrupts own hearing
By Dave Goldman: ASAA cross country champions take on trails, weather
By John Thompson: Anchorage hockey’s ‘Horseman’ back in the saddle
By Devin Kelly: Anchorage gives illegal campers three days’ notice, stores belongings for first time