Alaska News July 30, 2018

By Leroy Polk: UPDATE: Meineke window damage now a shooting investigation
By Michelle Theriault Boots: Charges: Men rode ferry to Alaska with 33 pounds of meth in a backpack
By Michelle Theriault Boots: Troopers pull over Fairbanks felon and find body armor, illegal handguns
By Daniella Rivera: Black bears outsmart bear-proof cans in East Anchorage

By Liz Raines: Hillside Assemblyman weighs in on Anchorage’s bear problem
“I think there is some enforcement,” Weddleton said. “But their typical thing, they’ll go and do a warning first. And say, ‘hey you’ve got to pick it up.’ But they can fine, first offense, $50 to $200 and then the second offense, I think can go up to $600, so it can be significant. And I think you’ll see more.”

The Anchorage Assembly has scheduled a work session on the topic for August 10 at 1 p.m. at City Hall.
By Shannon Ballard: Harvesting Alaska: New research could change seaweed rules
By Sean Maguire: Firearms instructor encourages safe gun storage after deadly accidental shooting
Simonson is also skeptical that more legislation is the answer. “It’s kind of hard to enforce common sense, you either have it or you don’t.”
By Liz Raines: Firearms specialist talks safe gun storage after child’s accidental death
Gun owners in Alaska can get a free gun lock, through national programs like Project Child Safe. For more information, click here.
By Michelle Theriault Boots: A bear attacked this man’s vintage sports car in Girdwood. He’s being pretty cool about it.
By Michelle Theriault Boots: In a dysfunctional Midtown Anchorage park, a microcosm of problems and possibilities
By Beth Bragg: Young swimmer breaks Alaska record set 35 years ago by her mother
By Annie Zak: Q&A: Premera CEO is optimistic about Alaska health insurance rates
By Charles Wohlforth: This family made it on fried fish and hard work
By Tegan Hanlon: Kebabs to casserole to quiche: 14 camp meal ideas from ADN readers and staff