Alaska News December 29,0217

APD Impaired Driving Enforcement Increased During New Year’s Holiday
The APD Impaired Driving and Traffic units want to remind everyone to slow down, wear your seat belt, and celebrate the holidays responsibly. Don’t drive impaired. Use a designated driver, cab or ride-sharing program. Driving under the influence is a preventable crime.
By Daybreak Staff: Kaladi Bros. to hold ‘Dale Tran New Years Day of Giving’ on Jan. 1
By Kortnie Horazdovsky: Man pleads guilty to manslaughter for teen’s shooting death
According to Kalytiak, the maximum sentence for manslaughter is 20 years. But because Peterson had not been convicted of a felony at the time of the crime, he’s likely facing a range from five to nine years. Peterson will go before a judge on May 9, 2018 to find out his fate. Kalytiak added that the plea bargain is open on sentencing, so the prosecution and defense will likely argue aggravating and mitigating factors.

Peterson did plead guilty in September to a felony assault charge that stemmed from a kidnapping and robbery investigation. But since that crime occurred after Woodford’s death, the felony won’t count against his sentencing, Kalytiak said.
By Kortnie Horazdovsky: Man charged with taking photos of boys in Sitka swimming pool locker room
Wade is currently in custody at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center in Juneau, according to state records.

The state says he faces a potential sentence of up to 99 years for each count if he’s convicted.

By Daniella Rivera: Wanted again: Why was Christian Young released?
By Victoria Taylor: 11 Homicides remain open in Anchorage’s deadliest year
By Beth Verge: APD: More than 21K calls for service received in November
How would health care transparency affect you?
By Associated Press: Ketchikan considers ordinance on health care transparency
Officials with PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center told the city council at its meeting last week that they would like to see a broad debate take place between all stakeholders before a decision is made.

The Ketchikan City Council did not take action on the proposed ordinance last week.
By Leroy Polk: New color camera systems bring caribou counting into the digital age
By TIFFANY BORGES PARKS & GLENN: Heroes of the ice road
By Matt Hickman Frontiersman Regional Editor: PODCAST: Why he chose Lt. Governor and not Governor & thoughts on State income Tax
By JACOB MANN Christmas friendship dinner
By Barbara Hunt: PALMER BUZZ: The year that was
By Samantha Angaiak: Thinking of trying to prepay property taxes? You may want to hold off
By Amanda Evengaard: As Alaska Glaciers Shrink, Salmon Populations May Also Decline
Craig Medred: Kenai in crisis

DEC is holding a public hearing on the plan in Anchorage on Jan. 4.
What Do I Know: Graham v MOA #5: A Much Better Overview Of Why This Case Is Important
Graham v MOA #5: A Much Better Overview Of Why This Case Is Important

Graham v MOA – Overview of Why It’s Important

[This is an overview to explain what I see as a major problem.
MOA = Municipality of Anchorage
AFD = Anchorage Fire Dept
My evidence in this post is minimal. This series of posts will offer detailed evidence.]

There was a wrongdoing. Jeff Graham was intentionally and unfairly denied promotion. This was proven in court to the satisfaction of the jury.
The problem is structural and individual.
The exam process did not follow the MOA Charter requirement that it comply with ‘merit principles’. Instead the oral exam (particularly) was so subjective that graders could give whatever score they wanted. The only remaining evidence was the sketchy notes of the graders. No recordings, audio or video. This subjective exam was abused to prevent Jeff Graham from promoting.
The exam was part of a good-old-boy system that demanded loyalty and punished those who didn’t toe the line.
The wrong doing was aggravated by the response to Graham’s protest of the exam. It was not taken seriously, there was no investigation. Constructive critiques of the exam by two other firefighters were also ignored.
In court, evidence was presented (and not refuted by the Municipality) that the head of the training academy said he would never let Jeff Graham promote.

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