Alaska News December 02, 2017

Anchorage woman sentenced to one year for assaulting toddler
Kevin said Chase suffered multiple skull fractures and will have lasting affects from the trauma.
Dog recovering after fall from overpass onto Glenn Highway
Police, firefighters clear 5-car Tudor Road pile-up
Drug dog finds methamphetamine welded in heavy equipment
By Associated Press & Sean Maguire: UPDATE: Alaska Senators applaud the passage of the Senate tax bill 51-49
By Victoria Taylor: Marijuana Control Board develops working group to address testing
While not established yet, the group is expected to be made of members from multiple platforms including cultivators, scientists and even government employees.
By Peggy McCormack: Proposed Hatcher Pass ski area seeks name
Submissions will be taken until December 17, with a decision for the winning name to be made in late January.

You can send your ideas to You can also visit or or mail to P.O. Box 924, Palmer, AK 99645.
By Mike Ross: Making play things for wild things
By Sidney Sullivan: New high speed internet infrastructure launches services in Arctic Alaska
By 49 Writers: Literary Roundup | November 24-December 7, 2017
By Craig Medred: Own history
By Suzanne Downing: Scandal: Former Alaska Democratic Party staffer alleges sexual assault
By Suzanne Downing: Risky business: Anchorage channels its inner Detroit

By Naomi Klouda, AJC: Rogoff hires additional legal help to fight financial probe
The Alaska Philosophaster: Alaskan Spark
Some things have changed since 1992, when I worked in it with the BLM Alaska Fire Service. But not a lot. Aircraft and safety standards have improved, fire shelters and retardant chemicals have changed.

By Barbara Hunt Pope’s astronomer comes to Palmer
Steller Watch December 1st: ~92
The Sea Lion of the Month for December was nominated by a dedicated Steller Watch Citizen Scientist: ~92! This sea lion is a male that was born on Gillon Point on Agattu Island (this island is assigned the ~ symbol). When we captured him June 24, 2013 to he weighed just over 60 Ibs (27.4 kg) and was over 3.5 ft long (111 cm) and almost 3 ft (83 cm) around his torso (measured just below the front flippers). not the heaviest pup we have seen but quite long!
Last Child in the Woods to First Child in the Garden