Alaska News August 01 & 02, 2020

KTVA The Voice of Alaska: ASD offers three choices for families to stay connected to local schools; APD investigates shooting in Dimond area; Murder, arson charges filed against man in Seattle fire and more ->

KTUU: Accident leaves one airman dead, another injured; Anchorage police responding to ‘disturbance’ in Muldoon; APD investigating a shooting leaving one man in the hospital and more ->

KTOO Public Media: Gardentalk – Time to harvest garlic, but watch out for mold and more ->
Fairbanks News Webcenter 11: Garden Tips: Natural ways to eliminate aphids and more ->

By Casea Peterson, Only In Your State Alaska: 14 Stunning Photos That Will Remind You Why Alaska Is The Best State

Evan Saugstad, Alaska Highway News: Junk news, selective reporting vilifies rural economies
The three stories above all have much in common. All are written by someone who does not like, agree with, nor rely on their subject matters for their living. All three use selective facts while ignoring others, and all appear to want one thing – to rid B.C. of our industries and the people who stand in the way of B.C. becoming a park.
By Aaron Goldfarb, Inside Hook: Inside the Rowdy, Reckless Boomtown Bars of Alaska in the 1970s As pipeline money poured into the city of Fairbanks, the Wild West saw a brief revival
Congressman Young’s Washington Report
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Craig Medred: Grisly death