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Alaska News January 18, 2018

By Leroy Polk: 2 armed suspects identified in Eagle River home invasion
By Leroy Polk: ‘Person of interest’ in homicide calls KTUU before being taken into custody
ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – “I’m calling because I want to set the record straight, to give my side of it,” said Carl Tarkington, a man police wished to speak with after a man was shot and killed on Jan 13.

Tarkington, one of the two men police sought as “persons of interest” in the weekend death, reached out to the media with his version of events on the night of the shooting. Hours later, he would be in police custody.
By Rebecca Palsha: Husband arraigned for wife’s New Year’s morning homicide
By Kalinda Kindle: Cannabis cultivator goes to social media to help catch thief
By KTOO / 360 North: WATCH: Governor’s 2018 State of the State Address
JUNEAU, Alaska (KTOO / 360 North) – KTOO and 360 North will provide a live Gavel Alaska broadcast of Governor Bill Walker’s 2018 State of the State Address, on Jan. 18 at 7 p.m.

By Chris Klint: Ethics committee seeks to remove Eastman
By Beth Verge: Namesake Navy ship USS Anchorage departs for NASA mission
By Lisa Demer: Alaska commercial fisherman who robbed creeks of spawning salmon forfeits boat and gear
An Alaska commercial fisherman who prosecutors say robbed creeks of salmon heading to spawning grounds has lost his fishing vessel, nets, skiff and other gear, under a sentence imposed last week in Prince of Wales District Court.
By Devin Kelly, Marc Lester: Neighborhood chaos drives a new approach at an Anchorage social services hub
By KTVA Web Staff: SeaLife Center rescues first animal of 2018
By DAVE KIFFER: E.B. White sailed to Alaska in 1923 Famed writer visited Ketchikan as a ‘callow’ youth.
Alaska Public Media
By Maya Wilson: Juneau gin allows for an orange twist on a classic cocktail
I had just gotten a bottle of Juneauper Gin from Amalga Distillery in Juneau. It’s a robust gin, both in alcohol content and in flavor. It’s made with local botanicals like spruce tips, devil’s club, rhubarb and herbs.

Alaska News January 17, 2018

By Mike Ross: Homicide ‘person of interest’ in custody
Additionally, APD said previously that both Settje and Tarkington have existing “unrelated felony warrants.”

Anyone with information about Settje’s whereabouts is asked to contact Anchorage Police at (907) 786-8900 or Crime Stoppers at (907) 561-STOP.
By Lauren Maxwell: Coffee stand buying more guns after armed robbery
By Heather Hintze: Judge to decide on evidence before Grunwald murder suspect’s trial
By Nathaniel Hertz: Alaska Gov. Walker’s administration wants a new felony charge for drug dealers
State lawmakers have spent the past several months scrutinizing the state’s criminal justice system amid that epidemic and a public outcry over a 2016 law, Senate Bill 91.

That legislation cut sentences for nonviolent criminals, with supporters citing research that showed those steps could save money and reduce the number of people who cycle in and out of prison.

[Read the ADN’s explainer on Senate Bill 91]

The Walker administration’s new proposal would be the latest reversal of SB 91’s provisions, which lawmakers already scaled back sharply in a special session in November. SB 91 eliminated an existing Class A felony charge that applied to dealing any amount of opioids like heroin, replacing it with a system based on weights.


By Joe Vigil: 4 injured in O’Malley Road crash

By Emily Carlson: Alaska lawmaker refuses sexual harassment training
Rep. Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole) says she won’t to go to mandatory sexual harassment training until a separate group looks into what happened when a legislative staffer accused then-Rep. Dean Westlake of sexual harassment.

“I guess my question would be, do you have to have training to know not to put an allegation in a drawer for months and months and do nothing,” Wilson said. “Training doesn’t do that but it also has to be the correct training.”
By Devin Kelly: Ballot proposal trades fire protection for taxes on the outskirts of Anchorage
By Richard Mauer: Good and bad news as Legislature opens
By Mary Kate Burgess: Service hockey holds 5th annual superhero game
So will it be sold to Alaskan folks or just “appropriated”?~~
By Jack Carney: Should Alaska finally tap its $63 billion Permanent Fund?

“So the idea of using the earnings from the permanent fund, to balance the budget – it seems to me is not something that is a big issue for those people in Juneau,” said Townsend. “What is an issue is how you sell it to the people of Alaska.”
By Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post: Nearly all members of National Park Service advisory panel resign in frustration
By Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media: AK Attorney General asks Congress to open banking for pot businesses
Alaska Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth and 18 other attorneys general sent a letter to congressional leaders asking for legislation that would establish a “safe harbor” for the billions of dollars being generated from recreational and medical cannabis sales each year.
Alaska News from APRN
By Eli Rosenberg, The Washington Post: In the coldest village on Earth, eyelashes freeze, dinner is frozen and temperatures sink to minus 88
Red Cross volunteers install smoke detectors

Alaska News January 16, 2018

By Zaz Hollander: Wasilla woman sues prosecutors and troopers, claiming they caused her kidnap and rape
By Kalinda Kindle: 19-year-old shooting victim dies
The Anchorage Police Department asks anyone with information about this case to call (907) 786-8900 and press 0 or to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at (907) 561-STOP.

APD said this case is being investigated as a homicide. Police department spokesperson Nora Morse said Juanita Lolesio’s death is considered as part of the 2017 homicide count.
By Scott Gross: Fire crews save three people trapped in Parsons Avenue blaze
By Steve Quinn: Report substantiates Westlake sexual harassment allegations
Native American women speak out about sexual violence
By John Schandelmeier: Sustainability of natural resources matters to outdoorsmen and women
Presented by BP – Eric Rush: Inside the data-driven classroom, where every student is an individual
By Marc Lester: Watch: Skating party celebrates new East Anchorage park
By Megan Mazurek: Teacher of the Week: Shawn Campbell
Suzanne Downing Heads and tails: Babies, whiners and women marchers edition

Alaska News January 14, 2018

By Sean Maguire: George Brown founder of Lucky Wishbone dies at 96
By Cameron Mackintosh: STAR training new volunteers for crisis line response team
By KTVA Staff: Alaska taking different tack from Hawaii on missile alerts
By Rhonda McBride: Frontiers Preview: Russian Orthodox Christmas traditions burn bright in Port Graham
Frontiers airs on Sundays on KTVA, Channel 11 at 4:30 and 10:30 p.m. This week’s show, “Following the Star in Port Graham” airs on Sunday, Jan. 14, which also happens to be New Year’s on the Julian Calendar.

Alaska News January 13, 2018

By Sidney Sullivan: APD officer hits juvenile pedestrian
By Scott Gross: Man shot in Eagle River speaks out in hopes of finding his shooter
The Baslers praised the Anchorage Police Department for responding so fast.

“They were amazing,” Jesse said. “There were here in like two minutes and then stayed until 6 a.m., I was told, checking out the scene. The paramedics were fantastic, too. They knew just what to do and were here so fast, too.”
By Victoria Taylor: Local businesses look to hire people who lost their jobs by Sam’s Club closure
By Associated Press: Kodiak native group pays rent for resident’s medical charity
By Jack Carney: Department of Law and Anchorage DA say they need more resources to better prosecute crime
By Richard Mauer: Petitions filed on accountability initiative in Alaska
By BECKY BOHRER / AP: Legislators who skip training could face ethics complaint
Rep. Tammie Wilson says she wants an external investigation into how allegations of inappropriate behavior by former Rep. Dean Westlake were handled, before taking the training and is willing to risk an ethics violation.
By Leroy Polk: Bill to require Alaska Internet companies to practice net neutrality
By Daybreak Staff: BP Teachers of Excellence looks for nominations
To nominate an educator, click here.

Alaska News January 12, 2018

By Victoria Taylor: ‘Very shocking,’ members and employees react to Sam’s Club closing announcement
By Kyle Hopkins: How this illegal campsite grew, month after month, along one of Anchorage’s busiest streets
By Anna Rose MacArthur, KYUK: Bethel rescuer gave his coat to the hypothermic aunt and his boots to the little boy
By Lisa Demer: Diesel spill contaminates building pad and wetlands at Bethel vocational school
“It was human error,” said Tiffany Tony, Yuut’s director of operations.
By Rebecca Palsha: Shot fired inside an Anchorage Fred Meyer store
By Patrick Enslow: 80-year-old Alaskan scores in game-winning shootout for Team USA hockey
Frank Nosek and Jimmy Reese were selected to play for the over 80-year-old USA hockey team.
By Samantha Angaiak: The Dome reinflates with new improvements
Jonathan Rubini, a philanthropist involved in the reconstruction of The Dome, said plans are in the works to start a community health initiative, which could mean community members may have access to the space for free during some hours.

By KTVA Web Staff: APD: Machete-wielding man arrested at Midtown Walmart
By KTVA Web Staff: Local actor sentenced for soliciting minor sex online
Martin Baumann, 57, was sentenced Thursday to six years with four suspended and five years of supervised felony probation. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender for 15 years. The sentence stems from a conviction on a single count of felony online enticement of a minor.
By KTVA Webstaff: ‘Repeat offender’ booked again in vehicle theft
Southcentral Foundation Receives Presidential Honor

Alaska News January 11, 2018

By Daniella Rivera: How it works: AK’s new computer-generated bail system

All Alaska Sam’s Club locations closing
The stores’ official closure date is Jan. 26, Buckner said, with their pharmacies serving customers until then.

By Beth Verge: As state opens up pretrial services office, director reflects

By Tegan Hanlon: Dallas Seavey demands Iditarod prove drug test results and that most of board resign

In the latest volley of press statements between the Iditarod Trail Committee and Dallas Seavey, the four-time Iditarod champion challenged the race’s governing body Tuesday to prove “its allegation of doping.” If it can’t, he said, then those responsible for tarnishing his name should resign.

By Samantha Angaiak: Prefiled bill aims to assist military spouses with work in Alaska

By Scott Gross: School district keeps watchful eye on student safety

By Daybreak Staff: Workforce Wednesday: Employment Agencies

By MARK THIESSEN: US House honors Alaska’s Don Young as newest dean

By MK Burgess: Caitlin Patterson wins four national titles at cross country ski championships

By Alex DeMarban: Off-road Alaska town offers free electric-car charging. First you have to get there.

By Anchorage Daily News: Photos: Best of January 2018

By Mara Severin: Exploring the world of Chinese food at Charlie’s Bakery

By Moms Everyday Alaska: Chai quinoa protein breakfast bowl

Alaska News January 10, 2018

By Lisa Demer: Healy man accused of raping girl, then hiding her in car trunk on dangerously cold night
By Laurel Andrews: NTSB: Lack of training contributed to deaths of 2 in Bering Sea sinking
By Chalres Wohlforth: At 94, she answers phones and manages changing rooms at an Anchorage Walmart. But that’s not the surprising part.
By Kalinda Kindle: Anchorage Assembly approves bonds for April ballot including $50M for ASD
By Associated Press: Alaska lawmakers seek to separate federal, state pot rules
By Devin Kelly: Developers plan hotel and housing at transit center site in downtown Anchorage
By Nathaneil Hertz: Commission backtracks, says no to pay cut for Alaska legislators
By Richard Mauer and Beth Verge: Governor orders new commuter rail study for Valley-Anchorage commuters
By Jack Carney: Community Solar Project coming to Anchorage
“We think it’s going to be about a $10-a-month (additional) premium, so on average you’ll maybe see $25-a-month and you’ll get $15 for a monthly premium of about $10 in solar,” said Skaling.
By Samantha Angaiak: Wasilla City Council approves plastic bag ban
By KTVA Webstaff: ‘Prove it:’ Dallas Seavey demands dogs’ drug-test results from Iditarod
By Liz Raines: Burglarized marijuana grow blames city for six-figure losses
Dane Wyrick, owner of Danish Gardens, says city planning regulations required him to disclose detailed floor and security plans. Wyrick says whoever stole $150,000 worth of pot from his building knew what they were doing.
Homicide charges may be filed in Nunapitchuk woman’s death
By Liz Kepplinger: Sweet potato tacos

Alaska News January 09, 2018

By Kalinda Kindle: ‘I believe that God is going to show us all a miracle;’ a teenager struggles to recover after being shot
By Liz Thomas: 2 armed robbery suspects on the run in Eagle River
By Cameron Mackintosh: Track Palin trial set for week of Feb. 26
By Leroy Polk: Gov. Walker to select next Anchorage District Court judge
By Liz Raines: Anchorage Commission teaches women to serve
By Devin Kelly: Christian activists sue over Girdwood Forest Fair’s ‘no religious orders’ policy
By Devin kelly: This Midtown liquor store sells high-octane alcohol in small amounts. Some neighbors want it to stop.
By Nathaniel Hertz: Public schools, fishing licenses and disposable plastic bags are in Alaska lawmakers’ crosshairs
By Scott Gross: Anchorage school lottery now open
By Jim Gaddis: Teacher of the Week: Denise Carey
By Alex DeMarban: The Dome, crushed by snow a year ago, is set to reopen this week